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           公司目前主要從事橡膠行業的會展及貿易業務。會展主要是主辦中國國際橡膠技術展覽會(RubberTech China)、中國國際輪胎及后市場展覽會和在全球布局RubberTech品牌系列的國際橡膠專業展覽會广东11选5开奖结果,同時還提供海外十多個國家相關專業展會的組展組團服務。貿易主要是從事橡膠原輔材料的進出口和國內的銷售業務。
           中聯橡膠始終秉承“以人為本”的思想广东11选5开奖结果,奉行 “誠信共榮”的價值觀广东11选5开奖结果,倡導“快樂工作、健康生活”的理念。

    China United Rubber Corporation (short as CURC) was established in 1993. After the development of more than 20 years, it has become a reputable company for trading and exhibition service in the rubber industry both at home and abroad.  CURC’s stock (code: 838665) has been publicly traded at NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) since Oct 21, 2016.
    CURC is mainly engaged in the business of exhibition and trading in the rubber industry. The exhibition business includes organization of RubberTech China (the International Exhibition on Rubber Technology), TIREPLUS Show (The International Exhibition on Tire and Auto Aftermarket) and other exhibitions of RubberTech series, as well as participation service for relative foreign exhibitions. The trading business includes the import and export as well as domestic distribution of rubber raw materials, tire and rubber products and rubber machinery.
    CURC adheres to the ideology of “taking the people as the foremost”, advocates the concept of “work joyfully and live a healthy life" and pursues the core value of “common prosperity with integrity”.
    The company is willing to work with its counterparts to enhance friendship, expand cooperation and obtain mutual prosperity!


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